Jason Sager, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Jason Sager MD joined Accent Therapeutics in 2023 and serves as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Sager is a pediatric oncologist with extensive experience in biotech, pharma and academic research. He most recently served as a CMO or CMO consultant for several biotech companies, including Ikena Oncology and Angiex. As a champion for cancer patients of all ages, Dr. Sager has spent over 18 years dedicated to the development of new cancer treatments at companies including Genentech, Novartis, and Sanofi. He has brought multiple drugs into the clinic and through proof of concept, including Kisqali™ (ribociclib). He has also served as an advisor for medical technology companies including Bionaut Labs and Privo Technologies. In addition to collaborating with these companies, Jason established his own company in 2013, Sagely Health, whose mission is to guide cancer patients to access novel therapies that improve their outcome. In clinical practice, Dr. Sager has worked at Johns Hopkins University, the National Cancer Institute, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is currently a Deshpande Center Catalyst at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he mentors grant recipients establishing early-stage companies. Dr. Sager received his BA from Johns Hopkins University and his MD from Cornell University Medical College.

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