Steve Mennen, PhD

Vice President, Pre-Clinical Development

Steve Mennen joined Accent in April of 2023 as Vice President of Pre-Clinical Development, bringing 15 years of global experience in Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC) / Technical Operations (TechOps) across a wide range of therapeutic indications. Prior to joining Accent, Steve served as Executive Director, Head of CMC at Fulcrum Therapeutics where he was responsible for starting and building the CMC/TechOps team and leading drug substance, drug product, analytical sciences, and clinical supply chain. He started his career in Small Molecule Process Development at Amgen where he gained increasing leadership opportunities. Steve was awarded the American Chemical Society Young Investigator Award for his career accomplishments and was a co-recipient of the American Chemistry Society ChemLuminary Award.

Steve graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He obtained his PhD at Boston College as a fellow of the American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry and completed his postdoctoral fellowship through the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California–Irvine.

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